The Martyr

Program Notes: What happens if you die without achieving your goals?  The martyrs of every religious tradition died for their beliefs, but had to die before they could see their plans through to their conclusions.  In this piece, I followed the story of the life of a martyr, and tried to imagine what happens after the story ends.  Most of the action in the piece occurs after the character’s death, as the martyr comes to terms with what’s happened, and gradually fades away.

Perhaps morbid, but hopeful.  Versions are available for the following:

  • Violin and Electronics
  • Violin, Electric Guitar, Cello, Piano and Electronics.
  • Violin, Piano, Vibraphone, and Percussion.
  • Marimba, Vibraphone and Percussion.

Take a look at the SIC InC version of the score (pdf).

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